Thursday, March 10, 2011

So.  It was a sunny day and I decided to walk and get my lunch.  On the way back, I watched as a car went  by.  In the front passenger seat, was the happiest dog evah!

It got me wondering.  
When strangers pass by me, 
what does my face say?  

I'm afraid that all too often my face says...

That's really not what I want to convey.

I was reminded of this bumper sticker...

Being more of the feline persuasion, 
I'm considering...

And while  I may never pull this look off...

I am going to try...

real hard!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When does this happen??


And by "this" I mean...


The floppage.  

The excess sagging.

The dreaded muffin top.

One day you are a sleek kitteh.

You slack a little. 

Eat a few cheezy poofs



It's like instant excess.

I know it wasn't instant.

I know it was gradual.  

But the reflection in the mirror 
sure took a while for me to really see the

Damn you jammies...

Damn you  Cheezy Poofs...

Thank you brain, for flipping that switch.
For opening my eyes.
For slapping me.

But ouch.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Consider me slapped.

It happened.  

I'd heard of it.

But, I'd never experienced it.

What is "it?"

It is is that slap in the face from reality.

Most people reference a horrid photo as the catalyst to beginning a diet. 

This was not my case.

What was my catalyst?

A beloved pair of silky pajamas.

A pair of jammies my husband gave
 me for Valentine's Day some years ago.

They are a bit tacky.
I mean they are red and pink.
Those colors should never be together.
But I loved them.

I slipped them on last night.
I took a look in the mirror
and was


It was not pretty.
Of, course the red and pink didn't help.

But egads!

You know how people keep that horrible 
picture on their fridge or in their wallet
to keep them on track?

I have made this swatch 

My wallpaper on my computer at work
and the wallpaper on my iphone.

It's kind of embarrassing.

I mean, this is more my style...


But, I'm not feeling like myself these days....

I'm feeling a bit more like 

And it's high time I make a change.

Consider me slapped.