Thursday, October 13, 2011

We are still here....

Day we kinda lost 6 days... 
 While we may not have been posting, we have been thinking, evaluating, strategizing.  

In our evaluation of our carefully laid plan, 
we found a flaw.  
And, before you write us off as losers, 
we are serious about this flaw.

The flaw in our plan was...

 lack of food.

Now I know ALL dieters feel this way, but I'm being completely serious.

I believe we went from grazing carte blanche, to eating like a bird, a really, really small bird, plus exercising more than we had in months and our bodies went into starvation mode.

  The Orange Kitteh did lose like four pounds over the two weeks.  

I lost nothing. 

When we cut back on exercising and added more calories back into the formula (which may or may not have come from Cheetos) I lost 3 pounds!

I seriously think we did too much, too soon!

We were hard core and the results were not there.
It was sooo discouraging.

So, our new strategy is to step up the calories, continue the exercise and chill a bit.  The Kittehs have been known to obsess a bit, and this challenge was no different.

Roni's post today was comforting and reassuring.  If you did not see it, you might want to check it out.  I agree that while weight loss is a goal, it really is the change in lifestyle that is the prize!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Points Vs. Calories

When we began the 90 Day Challenge,  we were not sure how we wanted to track.  We are prone to fixating on numbers, numbers on the scale, points, calories, miles walked/ran, minutes exercised, etc.  We liked WWs because there is such a thing as zero points.   How guilt free is zero points?  God bless the zero points. However, there are those foods that are calorie friendly but points deadly.  The example that immediately comes to mind is a slice of a medium Pizza Hut pepperoni pan pizza.


A single slice is 12 points, or 41% of the standard 29 daily points on Points Plus, yet it's only 290 calories, or 22% of a 1,300 calorie daily diet.  

At the end of each day we have found that we ran out of points before we ran out of calories.  Looking back over almost 2 weeks of data, I realized  that I  never consumed more than 1,200 calories in a day. That was never my intention, especially when trying to get back into running, but I was trying to stay within my daily points 29 points.

Has anyone else done a comparison between points and calories?  

What did you discover?  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Still Here! Days 5-9

Sorry for the lapse in posting.

The beginning of the month is extremely busy for the kittehs.

The Kitteh's are still working the diet, or is it that the diet is working us?
It's hard to tell these days.


We have been totally committed to the diet. We are very proud of our accomplishments. For a tad over a week we have tracked ALL our food. Everything. Every little crumb, morsel, bite, taste, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. And let me tell you, it's been little crumbs, morsels and bites.

We have diligently drank our 64 oz of water each day.

The side effect of which has been a constant trail to the restroom.

We have faithfully exercised 3 hours/week.

Now, I know that doesn't sound like much, but let me tell you, it HURT. Either the 3 years since we first joined WW has been very unkind to us, or we totally let ourselves go. Because there has been nothing easy about the exercise we have been doing. Before, the exercise came easy. We would walk for miles and feel invigorated afterwards! Now, walking seems to have been a challenge that we were not anticipating!

After 9 and now, almost 10 days into our challenge, we cannot honestly decide if we prefer counting calories or WW points. We are doing both and we find that it is intriguing to see how we end the day calorie and point wise.

We don't really manage our calories/points wisely. We tend to skimp during the day, to save the calories/points for dinner, only to find that we have more than enough at dinner time. We end up with points to spare, and yet, we cannot seem to make ourselves splurge a little bit during the day to stave off the hunger.


We have also found that we do not function well mentally on a diet.

We have a hard time focusing on anything but the growling of our bellehs.

In conclusion, we have learned that no matter how healthy, how filling, how tasty the food is, our brains still crave cheezburgers.

Today is day 10...80 more to go.