Friday, October 7, 2011

Points Vs. Calories

When we began the 90 Day Challenge,  we were not sure how we wanted to track.  We are prone to fixating on numbers, numbers on the scale, points, calories, miles walked/ran, minutes exercised, etc.  We liked WWs because there is such a thing as zero points.   How guilt free is zero points?  God bless the zero points. However, there are those foods that are calorie friendly but points deadly.  The example that immediately comes to mind is a slice of a medium Pizza Hut pepperoni pan pizza.


A single slice is 12 points, or 41% of the standard 29 daily points on Points Plus, yet it's only 290 calories, or 22% of a 1,300 calorie daily diet.  

At the end of each day we have found that we ran out of points before we ran out of calories.  Looking back over almost 2 weeks of data, I realized  that I  never consumed more than 1,200 calories in a day. That was never my intention, especially when trying to get back into running, but I was trying to stay within my daily points 29 points.

Has anyone else done a comparison between points and calories?  

What did you discover?  

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  1. On the new Points Plus program I've realized that the things like pizza and bread and cookies etc....are more points because they are foods that we should be wary of. They are the bad carbs, foods that we should only have once in a while, foods that we should think twice about before eating. It's a way of teaching us good eating habits and steering us towards the more nutritious foods that are less points.