Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Did I Know...

Little did I know that suggesting that my fellow co-workers and I go on The 17 Day Diet would land me on the 10 Most Wanted list.

Suffice it to say, people are not loving the diet.  But, that being said, everyone is reporting fantastic results.  There are 6 of us currently on the diet.  We have completed Day 4.  Combined we have lost a little over 40 pounds.  That is fantastic!  There were many WEEKS on Weight Watchers that I celebrated ANY loss.  For me, losing a little over 7 pounds in 4 days, is unbelievable.  I know my weight loss will not continue at this rate forever, but the whole premise is to get you excited about losing weight in the beginning and build up your confidence in your ability to lose weight.  How many diets fail because at the end of a week you only lost a pound.  A one pound (or less) loss is devastating and can make a large weigh loss goal seem impossible.  

The claims made by the 17 Day Diet are true.  "Depending on your weight when you start out and your metabolism, you might expect to lose up to 10 to 12 pounds in the first 17 days.  Of course, the further you are from your ideal weight, the more you'll lose initially." I find that amazing and encouraging. 

 I just need to constantly remind the hostile people working with me that the carb sacrifice HAS been worth it and that they HAVE made astonishing progress.  It is not time to retreat.  It is time to stand strong Cycle Two will give us a few carbs back!!

Because right now, I am a marked kitteh!

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