Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a Thought..... life on the 17 Day Diet.

My life has been filled with feeling of...


 deprivation ever since I began the 17 Day Diet.  

Deprivation, eggs, and chicken to be exact.

There must be more in this grocery bag, 
we call a healthy lifestyle,
 than eggs and chicken.

There just has to be!

For the record, I was hard core on this diet... 

...for a week.

But, I began reading ahead and I didn't like how this book ended. 
It was just more chicken and eggs.

I have nothing against chicken or their bi-products. 

But I'm a Texas Kitteh.
I *heart* red meat!

Early on I said, "This diet may just be the thing that 
makes Weight Watcher's look good again." 

And you know what?? 

It does.

Weight Watchers is simplistic.
You can eat what you want as long 
as you count it and stay within your points.

Weight Watchers has worked for me
in the past and 
I am ready to rekindle our relationship!

This kitteh is ready to start counting...


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