Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Kitteh's Tale of the The 17 Day Diet

It all began with a much needed day off.  The plan was simple.  There was no plan.  No to-do list.  Just a day to chill, mentally, physically, emotionally.  As I lounged, like kittehs do, I was listening to GMA and sipping some coffee. 

 A segment came on about the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.  It sounded interesting.  I went to Amazon and read reviews,  The reviews were pretty good.  None of them scared me.    In fact, I got a wee bit inspired.  

Last year we had an 18 Day Challenge at work were we went cold turkey off sodas. 

We did it for 18 days because I had heard that it takes the brain 18 days to form a new habit.  It was brutal.  However, the competition, the challenge, the whole misery enjoys company philosophy almost made it fun and we all learned that we can live without a soda.  And so, the the *fantastic* ideas to do the 17 Day Diet at work was born.

Dr.  Moreno sucked me in with the whole concept of doing something just long enough to trick the mind, and then switching up the calories and food you're eating to keep the mind and body from adapting and plateauing.   

I type this post  on Day 3of 17. 

As days 1 & 2, I may or may not have been too weak to type...

Let me just clarify, it has been less than fantastic.  It feels a lot like the South Beach Diet.  Nobody has been thrilled with the diet.  However, weight is coming off.  I know that it is simply water weight we have lost.  But, this kitteh will take any weight loss at this point!  

Things I have learned thus far:
1.    I *heart* carbs.
2.    I obviously eat too many carbs.
3.    I do not like balsamic vinegar, no matter how many times I try it.
4.    Hot lemon water first thing in the morning is not appetizing.
5.    I miss bread, a lot.
7.    Kefir is a yogurt type drink.  I like it better than yogurt.
8.    Carb intake and my mental abilities are directly correlated.
9.    Encouraging co-workers to partake in a 17 Day Diet Challenge will not earn you Boss of the Year!
10.  Day 18 cannot come soon enough!

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