Friday, September 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to Us!

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No, this isn't an old post.  
Yes, it is still September.  
Yes, there is a point.

Here's the logic behind the madness. We once were WW success stories.  Looking back at food journals, it's like I don't even recognize those cats anymore.  We drank the WW Kool-Aid.  We were overachievers and made it all the way to Lifetime Membership.  Then we floundered in the  maintenance phase, seasons changed and exercise halted.  As our sleek coats fluffed back up, we read new health books, tried a few ridiculous diets and well, remained disgusted and unmotivated.


Not quite the trophy wives, our husbands had hoped for I am afraid.

So where's the logic?  

We are committing to tracking and staying within WW points and/or calories and 3 hours of exercise a week for 90 days as a Christmas present to ourselves.  

Being back at goal weight would be the best Christmas present evah!

No one can give us that gift.
We have to give it to ourselves. 

 Now is the time.  
This is the plan.  
We've committed to it here.

Wanna join us? 

 Monday, September 26th is day one!

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