Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2

Well, I think all the holiday shoppers can calm down.  Christmas does not appear to be around the corner, at least not from where I sit on day 2 of the 90  Day Challenge to Christmas!  Of course it doesn't help that our fall weather has been not so different than our summer weather.  Yesterday and today we are in the 100s. 

But,  *inhales positive thoughts, exhales negative tthoughts* we survived yesterday fairly unscathed.  

Things we noted were...

Fruits & veggies (Even with the WW Power Food Symbol)  are not filling.

~Eggs are a Godsend.  They are low cal and filling.

~Hunger is just going to be a part of this challenge.   Hopefully, Hunger Monster's stay will be a short visit. He just can't be the guest who over stays their welcome!

~ It does not take long to become out of shape.  An hour walk is exhausting.  

~ Eating healthy makes me tired.  It must be all the food chopping :)

~If I didn't have someone to do this challenge with, there is no way I'd be successful.

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