Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healthy living is killing me...

So we started this 90 days till Christmas weight loss challenge in the hopes to be healthier, and well, thinner.

Little did I know it could potentially kill me.

See, I am out of shape, horribly. Since we challenged ourselves to do three hours of exercise a week, I picked the path of least resistance and chose to walk. Sunday I walked for almost four miles. It took me an hour. I thought I was going to DIE at the end of that hour. The next day, I was sore, exhausted and not sure I could manage two more hours of exercise by the end of the week.

That night, going out side to check on my adopted stray kitteh, I tripped in the dark, causing bruises, scrapes and punctures.

I blame this on the fact that my muscles were so fatigued that I could not correct my trip in time to save myself. My husband was amazed at my lack of coordination. I got no sympathy. His suspicion that he had married a true clutz had been confirmed.

Then last night, was pretty ugly. I have committed to taking vitamins to help things along on my "healthiness journey." I have always been able to take a large amount of pills with one gulp.


Until last night.

One of my pills got stuck in some mysterious little "pocket" next to my tonsil. It was stuck, and there was absolutely NO way I could dislodge it. I drank water. I hacked like any good kitteh with a hairball would. I ate bread, because my mom always told me that is what you do when you get a pill stuck.

I started gagging. The pill was lodged and unmoving, but it was beginning to dissolve with the massive amounts of water that I was using to flush it out. So now, my tonsil is burning because that little oblong vitamin D tablet had somehow turned into sulfuric ACID, and was beginning to eat my tonsil.

My eyes were watering, my nose was running, I was gagging and hacking and looking pretty miserable, when I look up and there stands my husband with a total look of fear on his face. "WTF?" was the question he asked. I hacked, and said "I hab a pill stuck," while frantically pointing to my throat.

He turns to get MORE water and mercifully, I gag/hack and POP, it comes up. *sigh*
I repulsed myself, looking at the partially dissolved evil pill laying in the sink. Throat burning, I looked down and was amazed that it wasn't bigger....It felt like a walnut had been lodged in there.

Today, tonsil is swollen, and I can't swallow without pain. I feel stupid. How could I have almost killed myself in the process of "getting healthy?"

SO, that is just my first three days on the diet, on this journey to be "healthy". I'm not so sure I can make it 87 more days...

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